Xactlink is a hardware-based and cloud-based network appliance. Enjoy multi-site connectivity, firewall, and increased network performance and stability. A Cost-Effective Solution for businesses of all sizes.

Increase network performance with our hardware-based firewall. Designed by Simplewan, but fully supported locally by the experts at Xact. Fully compliant with current regulations, failover support, and cloud-based management & provisioning.

Xactlink Hardware

The Xactlink Difference

The Xactlink Cloud Firewall automates complicated networks with VOIP, HIPAA, & PCI compliance requirements. With failover connections, a smart and constantly-updated firewall, cost-effective and creative solutions for Cybersecurity, SD-WAN, and Remote Diagnostics. Our automated technology helps reduce IT security costs and frees your resources for other parts of your business.

View Real-Time Attacks Being Prevented by our Real Time Global Intelligence Protection System

Do Your Mission-Critical Applications Need Stability?

Xactlink is a cloud-based service. Small modular boxes (known as nodes) are deployed at any of your locations that has an Internet connection. Setup is as simple as entering a code in the Cloud Portal. The system creates a network of devices, over which the Cloud Manager, or administrator, has complete control. Using our Cloud Portal, the administrator can manage throughput and function passing via the WAN. Our advanced technologies can manage these independently from one source or link the nodes together to create a large wide area network controlled by a single interface. Meanwhile, our experts get the tools to monitor your network and troubleshoot when services go down. The built-in failover connection has only an 8-second lag before connectivity is restored. Case studies have shown that Xactlink customers have a lower overall monthly cost, improved uptime, and more stability.

Replace 15 products with 1 solution.

Network Traffic Management

Xactlink is designed around the traffic management and flow required by today's real-time services, including VOIP, Point of Sale, video, and real-time monitoring systems. These don't always properly communicate on congested networks, but Xactlink's technology identifies these services and ensures that all data packets are sent and received on any normal or congested DSL or cable connection, right out of the box. Because it's not a matter of if a connection will have a problem, but when. Your business phones are no doubt VOIP phones Xactlink has built-in, proprietary technology that will keep your phone calls clear and jitter-free, even on low-speed connections. We reserve a set amount of bandwidth when a call is placed, and keep it until the call ends - simple as that!

Superior connection features for your small or medium business.

Built-In Security

There are huge data breaches in the news, and it is imperative that your business is completely safe. Xactlink provides incredible security, powered by Simplewan™. Take a look at the video for a security primer on Xactlink. Each of your locations remains secure and in compliance at the highest levels. Our technology allows the end user as much access as the you want to allow, while keeping ouside intrusions blocked. If changes are made that are in violation of security policies, we are immediately made aware and automatically advised of a solution. Then we can get to work for you to implement that solution. Additionally, we provide compliance with PCI and HIPAA rules without the constant upkeep, plus reports that prove your compliance. You also get 1024 bit encryption, real time monitoring, service type graphing and identification, all at a centralized interface.

Connect Multiple Sites With Ease

Xactlink uses unique technology called Virtual Multiple Protocol Layer Switching (vMPLS) that allows your business to connect multiple locations through a secure, managed network, no matter who your carrier is, and with built-in failover connections! Now your entire corporate network can be accessed securely from any location in the world! Companies with locations in different states have found it nearly impossible to find one carrier who can provide a private and secure network between all their locations. We make it easy and affordable, using a carrier-neutral deployment system that uses patent-pending Smart Routing Technology that utilizes dozens of private backbone connections to provide the shortest route between locations. By using broadband access that is readily available, you get a scalable and flexible solution that is cost-effective for any business.

How It Works

Great Benefits

HIPAA Compliant

Instant Scans and Checks

Security is important today and healthcare is one of the most at risk areas. Our product provides this security out of the box. As rules change the solution actively makes the required changes or notifies the deploying company of an issue.

PCI 3.0 Compliance

Protection For Merchants

Credit card systems are constantly hacked into. Most of these breaches happen on the end provider's network. The SimpleWan™ solution actively takes part in making sure any new rules are taken into consideration and the highest level of security is applied.

Breach Detection

In Real Time

Xactlink notifies our experts of any immediate spikes in traffic or unusual activity. This allows us to respond to a breach in nearly real-time. The best way to protect data is from active monitoring. We help you leverage your time wisely by actively monitoring your network for you 24/7/365.


Offering 100% Uptime

Our solution actively monitors your primary Internet connection and fail-over to a backup DSL, cable, or wireless device in the event of an Internet outage. The changeover takes place in as little as five seconds. For mission-critical applications and services, this provides an SLA better than T1 or Fiber.

Protect & Integrate Your Network Today

Protect & Integrate Your Network Today!

With over 19 years of experience in business telecommunications, Xact Communications is a reliable and stable company that is ready to take your company to the next level. Please contact Jeffrey Honchell, your personal sales rep, at (859) 576-9500 or click the button at right to get started.

Product Screenshots

Xactlink nodes add peace of mind and easier network management and troubleshooting; nodes add peace of mind and easier network management and troubeshooting for your IT staff. Xact-Link proudly offers these images and screenshots to help better acquaint you with your new network.

What Xactlink Has Done For Others

  • After setting up Simplewan™ at Arizona Charter Schools, they realized:
     - 25x Faster Application Delivery to the Remote Sites
     - True Redundancy for Disaster Recovery
     - Centralized Phone System
     - WAN Costs were reduced by 52%
     - Total Telecom Costs were REDUCED by 18%
     - The deployment of the new technology had a < 6 month ROI

    Arizona Charter Schools
  • Nephrology Specialty Group in Baltimore, Maryland had recently switched to Electronic Medical Records, and was opening a new office. A lot for an IT department to handle all at once. Using Simplewan™ technology, they were able to open the new clinic on time. The new mixture of high-speed, low cost broadband connections provided more bandwidth for the bursty applications that were clogging up the T1s. With the Simplewan GUI the IT Department was able to monitor the bandwidth usage of each site remotely along with identifying any potential problems across the network. The total cost of the newly designed WAN was less than half of the original network, and the total bandwidth available had increased tenfold...not bad for a little makeover.

    Nephrology Specialty Group

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